A Special Appreciation For Our MDVIP Affiliated Physician, Spiros Misopoulos, MD

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Harry and Suzanne
| March, 12 2020 | for Spiros Mitsopoulos, MD

My family is extremely grateful for our MDVIP affiliated physician, Doctor Spiros Mitsopoulos and his dedicated office staff. We have had Doctor Misopoulos as our Primary Care Physician for many years and he always takes the time to thoroughly cover all of our health related questions, and provides us with quality ongoing medical care, as we advance in age. We especially wish to thank Doctor Mitsopoulos when on rare occasions, we required immediate medical direction after hours, or, to be seen during an office walk-in visit to address an unnerving health concern. He always takes the time to address the issues at hand and to help reassure us. It is for this special care that we extend our heartfelt appreciation to Doctor Mitsopoulos on National Doctors Day, March 30, 2020. All our very best to our dear doctor!