Not just a doctor but a friend

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| March, 15 2020 | for Peter P. Ramirez, MD

My husband had a silent heart attack two years ago. His condition is very high risk as it left him with 1/2 a heart muscle and one open artery. After numerous procedures over 3 months it was decided that he could not have any surgeries including by pass . Dr Ramirez was the calming and reassuring presence during this emotional time. He explained difficult procedures or results thereof when the so called "specialists" would only give us 5 minutes of their time. After one very upsetting call, I phoned Dr Ramirez in his car. He called back from his home and said he would have info the next morning. By 9:30AM he was on the phone with the facts , set an appt the next day to go over all results and spent the time needed to give us hope. It has been over two years now, My husband is living with his heart disease on blood thinners and changes to life style under the care of Dr Ramirez and a wonderful cardiologist he recommended . We are looking forward to our 47th wedding anniversary this summer.