Just need to brag about my doctor!

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| March, 12 2020 | for Adrian C. Douglass, MD, FACP
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I don't usually participate in these kind of testimonials, surveys, request, etc.; mainly because of my extremely busy life! I just don't have the bandwidth to participate but when I thought about how lucky and blessed my family and I have been over the past 25 years now to have Dr. Adrian Douglass as our primary care physician, I felt I had to make the time to brag and boast a bit, for he is certainly worthy. When my family and I relocated back in 1994 from Philadelphia/New York to Atlanta, our first concern was finding a reliable doctor, which my wife and I were accustom to experiencing. Fortunately, my wife had a childhood friend from her hometown in North Carolina who lived in Atlanta and was a nurse for Piedmont Hospital. We asked her for a referral and without hesitation she spoke so highly of Dr. Douglass, and since then he has exceeded our expectations and has been our primary care physician ever since! So now 25 years later with our current status as senior citizens, when he mentioned joining MDVIP and explained that his desire was to be able to give more focused and personal, preventative care there wasn't any hesitation nor discussion required to confirm our membership. Since participating in his practice under MDVIP, we have really come to love and appreciate, the quality of care, the level of accessibility and quick response whenever we're in need. My wife was suffering from a serious condition, we called a left a message early that morning before the office was open and received a call within minutes to come into the office! I travel for my business and on two occasions, forgot to take my medications with me and Dr. Douglass immediately called me while at the pharmacy in another city to ensure I was able to receive my prescribed medications. Lastly, one of my long time friends per my referral also started seeing Dr. Douglass as his primary physician and like me, he's in the IT software industry and traveled often during his career prior to retirement. He is alive today because on one occasion while traveling he felt some discomfort, he called Dr. Douglass who responded with a level of immediate concern and action for him to come in upon his return which led to discovery and surgery of tumors on his kidneys! My friend has since, retired and relocated to Cincinnati but makes periodic visits to Atlanta to continue seeing Dr. Douglass as his primary care doctor! He and I have had many discussions of how fortunate we are to have Dr. Douglass, who also over the years has become a friend as our primary care physician, so this is really unusual for me to take this time to write a personal testimony but sometimes people need to hear how much they are appreciated, so forgive me but I just had to take the time to boast and brag of the many consistent years of excellent care and service from my Doctor, Dr. Adrian Douglass!

Respectfully and thankful,

Dereck & Catherine