It's a Pleasure

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| February, 29 2020 | for Theodore S. Marty III, MD

There are opinions that I am asked to give about a professional who helps me; my physician and my dentist. And both I am very pleased to do. When you find someone who you truly are thankful to know and feel a special connection with they are part of a greater "family" one develops. I am a 78 female and have been with Dr. Marty since 2013 and 1999 had been more of a trying year in my health - accidental falls, changes in arthritis, nerve issues, and so forth - he has helped me work with a changing, aging body. Maybe a different medicine or a new one is needed but I never leave the office without more hope or answers to a problem. Dr. Marty is thorough, friendly (always a smile with hello), kind, listens, questions, and if needed when I am home or away always will contact me as soon as possible. I have a Doctor who gives me peace and comfort - I consider myself very fortunate. And he has the most wonderful staff who reflects him and acknowledges me the moment I open the door to his practice.