How he saved me

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| March, 11 2020 | for Theodore S. Marty III, MD

Around 4 years ago, I went in to see Dr. Marty on a Friday morning for my routine check up. Upon meeting with him and after he checked my vitals, etc. he said Lynne you cannot go back to work. your blood pressure is high and you need a break. You need a medical leave from you job. This job is harming you and your health. i was a little taken back but I knew I was in bad shape and close to suffering a breakdown. So I went back to work, packed up my stuff and left. I never returned to that job. What Dr. Marty did was save me from a hostile work environment that would ultimately have caused me serious health problems. He basically saved me and I will never forget that. He continued to monitor me very closely and with the time off I was able to regroup and find a new job. Today I am in a new work environment and very happy.
Dr. Marty is my rock and my savior. I could not imagine my life without him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is the greatest and the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!