He Saved My Life

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| March, 4 2020 | for Peter P. Ramirez, MD

Dr. Ramirez was my doctor before he became affiliated with MDVIP and still is even though I now live
In Delaware. He is a wonderful caring doctor who knows you not only as a patient but also a person. I called his
office to make an appointment for a stomach ache and after talking to one of his staff for a minute she
put me on hold and the next thing I knew Dr. Ramirez was on the phone asking me questions. He told
me to go to the ER and said they would be expecting me. The next day I had surgery for a blocked
intestine and was hospitalized for 2 weeks. I owe my life to Dr. Ramirez and his staff for taking such
quick action. Please don't ever retire unless you move to Delaware and start a new practice. Thank
you for all you have done.