following up on my wife's poor experience at emergency room

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| March, 11 2020 | for Siena Shields Alford, DO

My wife lost control of her left foot and later could not stand up. I called the 911 and had her taken to the emergency room and they looked at her and dismissed her. A few days later I had to call them again as she had fallen and could not get up off the floor. Again, she was dismissed. A couple of days later, I had to call the emt again as she could not stand up. This time they did a CT scan of her head and did some other tests. The radiologist found a "mass and blurriness" on the CT scan and wanted ordered a MRI of her head. The hospital had a weight limit of 300 lbs. on their MRI machine, my wife was over this limit. The chief physcian in ER, and internal Med, cancelled the MRI, said the blurriness in the CT was because she moved during the scan. He blamed her problem on be "fat and lazy" and sent her to rehab to work on her leg problem. I fought with the dr in charge of her rehab to get the MRI completed for over 2 weeks.

It was then I called Dr Alford and asked her to get the CT scan and give me her opinion of what should be done. She contacted the rehab doctor and got the MRI ordered. We had to take her to a different hospital which operated a larger MRI machine and had her scan done a couple of days later. It turned out the "Blurriness" was a result of a "Glia Blastoma" in the center of her brain, one of the most aggressive and untreatable cancers you can get. She died about 3 months later.

I and my kids are so greatful for Dr. Alford's quick action once I brought her in. Even if I had involved her earlier and we had the diagnosis 3 or 4 months sooner I doubt if my wife of 45 years would have survived longer than she did. But at least I, and my grown kids, had time to say goodbye and spend time with her.

Thank you, Dr. Alford, for your actions, and your support and kindness.