Everlasting thanks to you, Dr. Milles !

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| March, 15 2020 | for Gary A. Milles, MD, MPH

From January of 2017 until March of 2019, I had suffered eight ambulance trips to hospitals because of VERY LOW (63/37) or VERY HIGH (250/160 and 234/137) blood pressures. I finally asked a friend who is a retired doctor if he could refer me to a doctor who might be able to help me. He referred me to Dr. Gary Milles. I first visited him in February 2019. He LISTENED to me, ordered some MRIs and blood and urine tests. When I returned two weeks later for the results, he asked me if any of my doctors had told me that my calcium level was very high, as was my parathyroid level (my answer: NO). When BOTH of these are high, it can elevate a person's blood pressure. He then asked if I was on calcium. Yes, my bone density doctor had put me on calcium years ago! Since I stopped taking the calcium, my blood pressure has been normal for over one year.

I also have been misdiagnosed TWICE with a disease that shows up on an EEG, but I have NEVER had any of its symptoms. I mentioned that I had a "delayed birth" (Mother was told to cross her ankles to hold me from birthing, until the doctor arrived TWO HOURS LATER). I have also developed expressive aphasia. Dr. Milles has referred me to a neurologist to see if my birth has something to do with either/both of these brain diseases. Am I ever grateful to have been referred to Dr. Milles! HAPPY DOCTORS' DAY, Dr. Milles!!!!!!