Dr. Yamane is the best!

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| March, 10 2020 | for Michael H. Yamane, MD, MPH

I am a walking anomaly. Dr. Yamane has diagnosed me as having some rare conditions that would otherwise have gone undetected.
For example, I have a condition that he diagnosed 18 years ago. One of the common side effects is anemia with its implicit sense of constant fatigue. I told Dr. Yamane I was feeling unusually tired, most physicians would have just chalked it up to the original condition but he went the extra mile looking at my blood tests and ordering others which discovered I had a rare genetic deficiency which made the normal absorption of iron impossible. He advised me what to do and It helped me get back to functioning again.
He is a kind and caring man. And he is intellectually curious, always keeping up on the latest medical literature and researching areas he feels would be helpful to keep his patients healthy.
I feel lucky to have him as my doctor.