Dr. Ramirez is detail and knowledgeable in every aspect.

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| March, 9 2018 | for Peter P. Ramirez, MD

Dr. Ramirez is detail and knowledgeable in every aspect. I reside in Sarasota, FL. The care and relationship that I continue to enjoy and benefit by is nothing less than First Class and Outstanding. I had an event in November 2016 where I found myself at Sarasota Memorial ER. After a CT the attending physician informed me that they had discovered several lesions on my rib. Bone cancer was the word. My wife and I flew back to Baltimore the next day to see Dr Ramirez. I had a pre-scheduled appointment for December 1st. I didnt sleep to well because of the news that I had received. With the CT report and CD in hand , I informed Dr.Ramirez what had occurred and what I was told. Dr. Ramirez read the report and told me that he was going to review and compare the CD with my previous four CTs and call me in the morning. He encourage me with sincerity and kindness. Dr. Ramirez took his personal time to met with his radiologists peers and reviewed the CDs. I received a call at 8:30 am the next day with good news. I am very appreciative to Dr. Ramirez for his personal intervention on my behalf. He could have forwarded the report and the CDs to a radiologist for an opinion , however because he is a hands on physician who has a special sincerity and attention with his patients, he personally involved himself. I am so very grateful that I enjoy this special relationship with Dr. Ramirez. He is dedicated , attentive and committed to the well being of his patients. Im a firm believer that a person is Blessed or Cursed by association. I am Blessed because of my association with Dr. Peter Ramirez. Thank You Peter for your continual care, attention and sincere concern for my heath. Much appreciated!