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| March, 15 2018 | for James Otto, MD, MS, FACP

In September of 2017, during my yearly physical examination, I casually mentioned to Doctor Otto that I had experienced a recent episode (3 weeks prior) of chest discomfort. I explained that the event lasted approximately 30 minutes and had not reoccurred since. I was 58 years old at the time and like most men I just brushed it off as an isolated event. Dr. Otto had a different conclusion. Although I was not experiencing any pain or discmfort whatsoever, my bloodwork results were heading in the wrong direction and Dr. Otto had a very intimate knowledge of my family's history of cardiac problems. Dr. Otto immediately called a local Cardiologist and within a couple of days I was undergoing a Nuclear Stress Test which I completed without any pain or distress whatsoever. Dr. Otto was not convinced that everything was okay and insisted that a Cardiac catherization was not only appropriate but needed to be immediately administered. Within days, I was undergoing the Cath procedure at Johns Hopkins Hospital. The result of this Cath revealed a 90-95 blockage of the Left Main Artery, Left Anterior Descending, and Circumflex arteries. Dr. Otto personally oversaw my immediate transfer to Union Memorial Hospital. In less than 24 hours I underwent successful triple by-pass surgery. DR. OTTO SAVED MY LIFE! THANK-YOU SIR! It should be noted that Dr. Otto is the most tenacious, dedicated,caring, and intelligent Professional I have ever encountered. He is also ALWAYS available and has a tremendous bedside demeanor. He is one of a kind. MDVIP is luck to have him. He is priceless.