Dr Milles always is mindful of his patient’s

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| July, 15 2019 | for Gary A. Milles, MD, MPH

Dr Gary Milles is the consummate doctor who is compassionate and knowledgeable. His patients are loyal to him because he is always there for them, he understands their needs, interprets their medical state and then proceeds carefully and intelligently to effect treatment. Dr Milles always is mindful of his patients state of mind and with focused caring sets their mind at ease.

He is the reincarnation of the old time family doctor with an incredible background of todays technology and medical science. Dr Milles has so improved my current state of health while keeping my anxiety about my health in check.

Thank you Dr Milles for being ever present for my wife and I. And an extended acknowledgement to his medical and office staff for their expertise and caring approach to patient treatment.