Dr. Marty shows he cares in so many ways!

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| March, 27 2020 | for Theodore S. Marty III, MD

i have been a patient of Dr. Marty since 2006. From the very beginning he made me feel like I was important to him. I never felt like I was being rushed out even though at the time he had not yet joined MDVIP. The most amazing thing was that he listened to me. His questions and comments were directed to what I was saying, he didn't talk over me or avoid my statements and questions. Then he went with MDVIP. I never even considered not going with him. After he started with MDVIP he went from being a great doctor to a phenomenal doctor. I have had many medical issues over the years, many of them were not typical issues. His skill in listening and responding to what I am saying is especially important at these times. I don't think some of the issues would have been resolved with another doctor. This is not the only reason he is such a wonderful doctor though. Many times when I am going through a particularly tough issue, he has called to check on me on his days off, a couple of times while he was on vacation. This level of caring is above and beyond any thing I have experienced with other doctors. Many of them don't even remember what my issue is from one visit to the next. I have been very blessed to have Dr. Marty and his staff in my life. They quite literally treat me like a queen.