Dr. Kuljeet Rai, Our Doctor Our Friend

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| March, 10 2020 | for Kuljeet S. Rai, MD
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Last year, I had an unfortunate experience which required a trip to the emergency room. After a fall that impaired my ability to walk, I was admitted to the hospital for three days. I have to be honest, those days are a blur, but what I do remember are the reassuring words my wife and I received from Dr. Kuljeet Rai. While in the hospital, my wife and I were surrounded by an unfamiliar community which created an internal uneasiness, an emotional upheaval so to speak. All that was laid to rest by a visit from Dr. Rai. Dr. Rai took time out from his daily schedule to visit us at the hospital for emotional and medical support. For my recovery, it was important to have a doctor I trusted. We survived this challenge, in part, because of Dr. Rai's reassuring words and commitment to our health. I am hiking two miles at least three times a week, pull a few weeds in my garden, and plan on grilling a good barbecue come summer. We know we can rely on Dr. Rai to prescribe sound medical advice. He is not only our doctor, we consider him our friend.