Dr, Gary Milles is not only a brillant doctor but a wonderful, caring human being.

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| March, 14 2020 | for Gary A. Milles, MD, MPH

I have know Dr. Milles since 1992 when he came into my assisted living facility to care for my residents. He treated them with loving dignity. I became his patient and when he joined MDVIP I hesitated for a minute but could not leave him. Wisest decision ever. About 4 years ago I developed a horrible itch on my body. I was working but found myself locked in a closet at work itching and scratching for hours at a time. This went on for a year. Dr. Milles tried different things and I even saw other specialists. The itching was unbearable. Dr. Milles never gave up looking for a solution. He finally put me on a medication that has worked for the past 3 years. Praise God. We now now the name of what I had. Neuropathic itch. It was Dr. Milles dedication, caring and never give up search that has blessed me with a healthy life. Dr.Milles is a wonderful, caring doctor. I am blessed to know him and have him as my doctor. May God bless you Dr. Gary Milles.