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from Angela in CO November 12, 2022 for Albert Duncan, MD
Image provided by: Angela

I wanted to take time out to say how amazing Dr. Duncan is. He’s very caring, understanding, knowledgeable and helpful! I have been with Doctor Duncan since around 2002. I have had some medical scares and issues that he had helped me through. He never just sends you ti any specialist but one he knows will be helpful. He sits and explains everything ti you so you’ll understand! I feel safe… See more

from Gloria in SC November 3, 2022 for Dr. Alyssa M. Degnan

I met Dr. Degnan over 15 years ago. I was immediately impressed and convinced my husband to use her as his primary physician also. We found her to be "so smart" and caring for us individually and as a couple. We found it so helpful to be going to the same primary care doctor. Her referrals were excellent and timely. When my husband was diagnosed with cancer, she became his so-… See more

from Sandra in MI November 1, 2022 for Genise E. Kerner, MD

I began to see Dr. Kerner after my previous doctor retired suddenly. At our first meeting I felt a definite bond and kinship with her. She has always given me her time without qualification and, when I feel downtrodden, she always fills me with hope. She is an excellent diagnostician and has found things that other doctors have missed. I feel lucky and privileged to call her my physician.

from Wes in OK October 23, 2022 for Michael K. Crawford, MD

Dr. Crawford and his team are the epitome of excellence and what it means to be MDVIP. Every time I see Dr. Crawford I feel heard, valued and personally cared for. Equally impressive is his prompt, caring and communicative team in the office. The level of warm communication and commitment to my care is second to none with Dr. Crawford and his team. Thank you for everything you’ve helped me with… See more

from Beverly in OK October 20, 2022 for Michael K. Crawford, MD

We went to Dr. Michael Crawford even before he became a MDVIP, he was so good that we HAD to stay with him after he joined this group.
I was not afraid of Covid because of Dr. Crawford and his wonderful staff. He sent out a letter recommending certain things to take to build up our immune systems. Once we got covid and our home test proved it we called his office, and they called in what… See more

from Maureen in NY October 16, 2022 for Michele H. Leder, MD, FACP

Dr. Michelle Leder is amazing. She is extremely thorough and is a great diagnostician. She spends lots of time with each patient and always remains calm. She has led me through a difficult time, and is my hero!

from Bill in MD October 6, 2022 for Trina Kapoor Frankel, DO

I've been a patient for many years, and two stories stand out. Nearly three years ago, my annual blood work flagged a significant increase in my PSA level. Dr. Frankel and her staff booked an appointment with my urologist before I left the office, and have been with me through the cancer diagnosis and treatment. Her compassion and awareness of my family situation make me feel well cared for! Most… See more

from Anthony in NY October 4, 2022 for Anthony Ragusa, MD, FACP

Dr. Ragusa thank you for everything you and your staff have done for my family and myself. The excellent care you have given us makes you and your staff more of our friends we trust you . Ann Trembly is great at what she does we all love her . Her nursing skills puts me at ease and makes me feel better just seeing her. Thank you Ann and the rest of you.

from Lynne in AZ September 28, 2022 for Mark M. Medeiros, MD

I have been with Dr. Medeiros, MD, Family Medicine, for over twelve years. It is not an exaggeration to say he has saved my life more than once. I would not be here today if it wasn’t for him. He sees things others may have missed. I have specific examples where he saw something another physician overlooked and he took immediate action. He is an excellent diagnostician and a great listener. Dr.… See more

from Diane in TX September 23, 2022 for Ashley Stiegler, MD

My experience with Dr. Ashley Stiegler and the MDVIP program has been excellent. Dr. Stiegler has been my primary physician since about 2004 when we first moved to Austin. When she switched to the MDVIP program, I felt healthy and didn’t think my health required any special attention so I searched for a replacement Primary Physician. I did not have any success in finding someone that I felt… See more

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