Robert J. Ginsberg, MD

Family Medicine
3905 National Drive Suite 220
Burtonsville, MD 20866 Get Directions
Robert J. Ginsberg, MD

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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

In my private practice, I help my patients gain control of their health and lead longer, healthier lives using early detection of illness and personalized wellness plans. It is the close partnership between us that will help you reach your wellness goals. A small practice allows me more time to work closely with my patients to develop unique approaches that are customized to their individual needs. My job as your physician is to educate, coach, support and guide you on a path to a healthier, happier life.

My goal is to help my patients achieve greater health and happiness by first discovering where they are, establishing what they wish for in a healthcare relationship and then creating real, achievable goals. As a Family Medicine physician, this has been my approach before becoming an MDVIP-affiliated physician. But now, I am confident that we will have the time and tools to make this a reality at every visit in my personalized care practice. My MDVIP-affiliated practice offers services, including comprehensive, advanced health screenings and diagnostic tests, that go far beyond those found in concierge medicine practices.

I have taken my own approach to health very seriously, with regular exercise. I am avid about racquetball, walking and hiking. I also pay serious attention to my diet, incorporating vegetarianism and fish into my diet. I know there is not one diet appropriate for everyone and among the many varieties of healthful eating, I support whichever one is life-supporting for my patient. I am a proponent of meditation as a technique for living more fully. I have a background in Ayurvedic medicine, which, in the appropriate circumstances, can be used to treat common conditions. My MDVIP practice is located in Burtonsville, Maryland; easily accessible from Silver Spring, Laurel, Columbia and Rockville.

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Telemedicine Option: I am also using telemedicine visits to stay connected with my patients when they are unable to see me in the office. It is easy to do, and we have maintained our momentum with preventive health goals and chronic care during difficult times.

Dr. Ginsberg's Credentials

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Shadyside Hospital
Pittsburgh, PA
Family Medicine 1980-1983

Medical School:
University of Maryland, School of Medicine
Baltimore, MD
Doctorate of Medicine 1980

Vassar College
Poughkeepsie, NY
Bachelor of Arts, Biochemistry 1976

American Board of Family Medicine
Holy Cross Hospital
Holy Cross Hospital
- Chairman, Medical Education Committee 2002-present
- Chairman, Department of Family Practice 1996-1999
Assistant Clinical Professor, Health Care Sciences, George Washington University, School of Medicine and Health Sciences 1993-2013
Fellow, American Academy of Family Physicians
American Association of Ayurvedic Medicine
Maryland Academy of Family Physicians
Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland
Montgomery County Medical Society
"Stress and Cardiovascular Disease: Research and Applicability of the Transcendental Meditation Technique for Managing Cardiovascular Risk." Maharishi Vedic Medical Center. Bethesda, MD, November 13, 2001
"Ayurvedic Medicine." Complementary, Alternative, Indigenous and Traditional Medicines. School of Public Health. John Hopkins Medical Institutions.

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from Joshua in MD March 11, 2020 for Robert J. Ginsberg, MD

I have no dramatic story to tell, since I have been blessed with mostly robust health. But as a senior (sigh) I inevitably experience various non-severe issues. Ever since I found Doctor Ginsberg, he has been unfailingly responsive, attentive, thoughtful--in short, everything I had hoped for in a primary care doctor. I am very happy to have him.

from M. December 30, 2019 for Robert J. Ginsberg, MD

Dr. Robert Ginsberg has been our familys physician for approximately 18 years, and would still be our physician if we had not moved out of the Maryland area. Dr. Ginsberg is the best physician who has ever cared for us for so many reasons.

He is extremely knowledgeable (both in terms of breadth and depth) and keeps up with the latest research and advances in medical care. He is an… See more

from Gary & Lucille in MD March 19, 2018 for Robert J. Ginsberg, MD

Being snowbirds, having Dr Ginsberg available while away from home has been life changing. He has been at the end of the phone to resolve key issues, provide advice to us and consult with other doctors. Having this basically immediate availability when necessary is both comforting and has had a positive effect on our state of mind and our health. Thank you so much Dr Ginsberg!

from Leo in VA March 1, 2018 for Robert J. Ginsberg, MD

been with Dr. Ginsburg since the 90's and besides the care that he has given me over the years, a friendship developed over the years because of shared memories of the DC/MD area in the past which evolved into a shared likeness for music...........this evolved into a period where i actually was playing/practicing with one of the early incarnations of Dr. Ginsburg's musical career… See more

from Joyce in MD February 28, 2018 for Robert J. Ginsberg, MD

Thank you, Dr Ginsberg. I am happy that you are my physician. I appreciate the times you've seen me right away. And I especially like your sense of's always fun to come and see you! And your staff is wonderful, too.

Joyce S.