Margaret Siman, MD

Family Medicine
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Margaret Siman, MD
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My Philosophy and Approach to Wellness...

My goal as a primary care physician is to help all of my patients become more healthy physically and emotionally and feel the best that they can feel. This goal is only attainable by developing a close personal partnership with my patients, a partnership where you can feel free to contact me whenever there is a problem and where I have the freedom to take all the time necessary to listen to your concerns and desires, as well as study your particular healthcare needs and goals. We will work together to develop a plan to achieve a more positive, long-term wellness outcome for you where you have an improved chance to feel better physically and emotionally, live longer and spend more time enjoying your life instead of worrying over your health. 

I have been practicing as a primary care doctor in the Staunton, Waynesboro and Augusta County area for more than 20 years, both in private practice and affiliated with Augusta Health. I am board certified in family medicine and, being a woman, I have strong interests in women's health and have been trained in hormone therapy. My staff and I provide a very personalized approach to your healthcare. Similar to conveniences often associated with concierge medicine practices, I also offer same- or next-day appointments that start on time. By limiting my patient population, you can be assured that not only will your healthcare needs receive prompt and accurate attention, but that you will be able to get care when needed, and I will be available to you 24/7 when necessary.

Testimonials from patients of Dr. Siman

from Anna in VA March 12, 2020 for Margaret Siman, MD

I have Chronic Pain issues, Fibromyalgia. And I am an ADHD Adult. So getting correct dose and medication for the pain has been challenging. I have had negative experiences with Doctors prior to joining her Practice. I fortunately have all my medical records and was able to provide the copies of last 30 years of my life. Tests I have had to take over the years for each of these conditions have… See more

from Linda in VA March 10, 2020 for Margaret Siman, MD

In 2010 I was told I had breast cancer. My husband went with me the day I met with Dr. Margaret Siman. I was very distraught. I cried.,I worried. I feared for my life. Upon the awful news I told Dr. Siman I wanted a female breast surgeon. We asked her who would you go to? Dr. Sommers. I am eternally grateful for Dr. Siman’s advice. Her direct honesty led me to continue with her as my MDVIP!… See more

from RRose in VA March 10, 2020 for Margaret Siman, MD

Dr. Simian goes way above the call of duty. She is always there when I need her. She has been my doctor for many years and I hope I never have to lose her. I suffer through a lot of different health problems. One of the hardest has been depression and she has worked with me long and hard to help me keep that in line. She is a great doctor. And I consider her my friend also. 

from Elinor in VA March 23, 2018 for Margaret Siman, MD

Been going to Dr. Margaret for many years. She respects my 50+ years as an RN.and listens to what I think is going on with me. Always there when I need her. I think the best thing about her going with MDVIP is that maybe it is giving her more time for her own life.

from john in VA March 2, 2018 for Margaret Siman, MD

Dr Siman: You are a true blessing to Linda and me. We were fortunate enough to find you when we moved back here in 2004, and over these 14 years you have always been there for us. While we appreciate so many things about you, what stands out is your willingness to take whatever time we needed in every visit to discuss and issues or diagnoses. You never tried to rush us, and as old folks we… See more

from Linda in VA March 2, 2018 for Margaret Siman, MD
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Dr. Siman has been connected to MDVIP for a short time. When she switched I chose to stay under her care. She is the only doctor I have had for the 21 years I have lived in Augusta County, VA. I totally trust her. She will research a problem and call back immediately. I fully support the idea of Wellness. At 77 I am still concerned about my health. I want to live to see my grandchildren… See more

from Allen in VA February 27, 2018 for Margaret Siman, MD

Our Dr Siman is a sweet wonderful person and great doctor that I credit for saving my life at least twice. The first time was the way she carefully monitored my PSA level for several years and then when it started to move faster than she thought it should she recommended a specialist who continued monitoring for a year and then discovered cancer which we cured with a radical Prosectomy . The… See more