Dan Behroozi, EVP

Executive Vice President | Business Development & Operations


From the day primary care doctors decide to affiliate with MDVIP to the day they retire, Dan and his team work to ensure they are successful. He focuses on customer service and operational efficiency to help the company’s more than 1,000 affiliates deliver highly effective and personalized patient care.

“It takes an army of resources to successfully convert a volume practice with 2,500 or more patients to a smaller MDVIP practice with 600 or fewer patients,” Dan says. “We help physicians focus on what they’re good at—providing care to patients—while giving them resources to operate successfully under the MDVIP model.”



For the last 11 years, Dan has helped hundreds of physicians transition to the MDVIP model. Before MDVIP, he worked at Procter & Gamble, where he held a number of leadership positions in both the U.S. and Canada. He specialized in technical operations, brand management and innovation, successfully launching new P&G brands while facilitating the growth and expansion of mature ones. He led P&G into several new consumer health categories through innovative partnership and investment approaches.

Prior to P&G, he spent several years as a practicing electrical engineer at Siemens before bringing his precision business skills to the healthcare sector.

He also provided executive consulting services to CEOs of small cap publicly traded companies and was directly responsible for identifying new investors in multiple financing rounds.

Outside the office, Dan leads a very busy family life with his wife and three daughters. He enjoys his only alone time at the gym and follows financial markets and investing closely. Dan received his electrical engineering and management degrees from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada.