MDVIP Leadership Team

Meet the team members who lead our mission to help primary care physicians provide life-changing personalized preventive care so patients can lead healthier and more vibrant lives.

Bret Jorgensen

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Bret Jorgensen CEO

As Chairman, CEO and an investor in MDVIP, Bret is passionate about MDVIP’s role in making primary care a better experience. Under Bret’s leadership, the company has grown to more than 1,000 physicians and 350,000 patients nationwide, making MDVIP the largest membership-based primary care network in the country. “As a values-based company, we do the right things for the right reasons. We ask every day what we can do to improve the lives of others and how we can make healthier lives happen." Bret has been a healthcare leader and entrepreneur for 30 years ...  See More

Matt Hashem

President & Chief Financial Officer

Matt Hashem CFO

Matt was hired by MDVIP’s founding physicians in 2005 to oversee all aspects of the company’s finances. Today, as President and CFO, he is responsible for leading the execution of the organization’s strategic plan to achieve goals that support both MDVIP-affiliated physicians and patients nationally, as well as leading the financial stewardship of MDVIP. “Just as doctors have a responsibility to do no harm to patients, we carry that through with a conservative approach that enables physicians to have the freedom to practice in a deeper relationship with their patients. This supports and enhances a physician’s professional, personal and financial freedom.” ... See More

Andrea Klemes, DO, FACE

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Andrea Klemes CMO

Board certified in internal medicine and endocrinology, Dr. Klemes' principal role as Chief Medical Officer is leading and shaping MDVIP’s physician-led primary care model. A fellow of the American College of Endocrinology, Dr. Klemes works closely with the 20 physicians on the Medical Advisory Board and more than 1,000 MDVIP affiliates nationwide to drive quality and innovation in the delivery of the MDVIP healthcare model. “We can show that MDVIP directly impacts patient health in life-saving ways. Our data and research confirm that we can identify at-risk patients sooner, resulting in fewer hospital admissions and readmissions and saving the healthcare system money.” ...  See More

Bernard Kaminetsky, MD, FACP

Medical Director

Dr. Bernard Kaminetsky, MD

A cofounder of MDVIP and the second physician to open an MDVIP-affiliated practice, Dr. Kaminetsky served eight years as an MDVIP affiliate. He was the first to participate in MDVIP’s physician retirement program when he left clinical practice in 2008 to become the company’s first medical director. “All the problems physicians face today were present when we started two decades ago: Doctors don’t have enough time with patients to take care of anything more than chronic problems or acute exacrbations thereof, there’s little focus on wellness and prevention, and reimbursements are going down while doctors work harder and harder.” ...  See More

Roy Harris

General Counsel

Roy Harris Counsel

Roy has been an integral part of MDVIP’s leadership team since 2003, when he joined as one of the first 10 employees. In his role as lead counsel, Roy is focused on removing legal and regulatory burdens that prevent primary care physicians in from focusing on being great doctors. “We’ve redefined what patients can expect from their primary care physician. We give doctors and patients the ability to focus on preventive medicine as well as condition management, instead of paperwork and red tape,” Roy says. “We believe primary care can be the agent of change in healthcare. The doctor-patient relationship matters. People matter.” ...  See More

Don Hankus

Chief Information Officer

Don Hankus CTO

As MDVIP’s Chief Information Officer, Don draws on his rich, 20-year career as a seasoned healthcare services technology executive building and leading world-class IT teams. At MDVIP, Don leads a team of technology innovators whose goal is to evolve MDVIP’s business intelligence to meet and exceed business metrics and goals and support the company’s affiliated primary care physicians and patients. “I’m a passionate people person and love building innovative support teams, which I’ve done at MDVIP by interjecting an IT expert into each aspect of the business. We’ve built substantial predictive analysis systems and quality SOPs.” ...  See More

Chris Lillich

Chief Marketing Officer

Chris Lillich CMO

At the helm of consumer marketing strategy and communications, Chris is laser-focused on growing MDVIP’s brand as the leader of personalized primary care. “Lots of brands talk about transforming lives but we deliver through our affiliated doctors every day,” Chris says. Being able to market a deep doctor-patient relationship personally resonates for Chris; when his father turned 60, he announced that no Lillich male had ever reached that age. “It was a wake-up call that heredity is a strong thing, and to live long and healthy, we need to be proactive, not reactive.” ... See More

Dan Behroozi

Executive Vice President, Business Development & Operations

Dan Behroozi EVP Operations

From the day primary care doctors agree to affiliate with MDVIP to the day they retire, Dan and his team work to ensure they are successful. He focuses on customer service and operational efficiency to help the company’s 1,000-plus affiliates deliver highly effective and personalized patient care. “It takes an army of resources to successfully convert a volume practice with 2,500 or more patients to a smaller MDVIP practice with 600 or fewer patients. We help physicians focus on what they’re good at—providing care to patients—while giving them resources to operate successfully under the MDVIP model.” ...  See More

David Barrie

Executive Vice President, Physician Development

Dave Barrie, EVP Physician Development

As Executive Vice President of Physician Development, Dave has been instrumental in MDVIP’s growth—helping hundreds of primary care doctors in independent practices, large practice groups and hospital systems transition the MDVIP personalized healthcare model since joining the company in 2007. “At MDVIP, my team and I are doing more than selling a product. We’re offering the opportunity to change lives and health outcomes. The process requires us to develop deep, ongoing relationships, because becoming an MDVIP affiliate really is a life-changing moment for the physician and their patients.” ... See More