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If you’ve ever cared for a loved one who has been diagnosed with cancer or leukemia or experienced an event that’s life-threatening, you may heard their physicians use terms like curative care, palliative care and hospice care. They’re common terms applied to the care approach we use in latter… See more
The loss of a loved one is an inevitable part of life. Bereavement is a tough and personal journey that can be overwhelming at times, whether the loss is a spouse, child, parent, relative, friend or pet. Bereavement includes grieving — our internal thoughts and feelings on loss — and mourning —… See more
Is your doctor on your case to go to the gym? If yes, it’s because strength training helps prolong your life. In fact, the British Journal of Sports Medicine published a review of 16 studies of that found just 30 to 60 minutes a week of… See more
Hair care is important to Americans. In 2022, haircare industry revenue was $13 billion. While hair care products are important if you want hair that looks healthy, hair that is healthy begins with nutrition, not shampoo and conditioner.
Studies have found that eating lean proteins, Omega-3… See more
If there’s something good you can say about processed foods, it’s this: They are popular because they’re convenient. Processed foods can be less expensive than whole foods and homemade variations. And they can typically be prepared, served and cleaned up quickly and easily.  Unfortunately, that’s… See more
Every 3.2 seconds someone in the world is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease – a debilitating form of dementia that deteriorates cognitive skills and memory.  Unfortunately, cognitive health tests are usually conducted once symptoms have begun. Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t early detection… See more
American hearts are in trouble with the pandemic and a resurgence of smoking among some groups to blame. Newly released statistics from the American Heart Association and the National Institutes of Health paint a sobering picture of America’s heart health. This is especially prevalent among… See more
Have you ever heard of a “food swamp”? Researchers coined the term in 2009 to describe a community, usually low-income, that’s fraught with fast food restaurants, gas stations, donut shops, convenience marts and package stores. They often emerge in regions deemed as food desserts, i.e., areas that… See more
Nearly half of American adults have high blood pressure. This is a major concern: High blood pressure raises the risk for heart attack, heart failure and stroke. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize they have high blood pressure. It’s known as the “silent killer” because there are seldom… See more
Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of music legend Elvis Presley, recently passed from a sudden cardiac arrest. She was 54.  During an NFL football game in early January, Damar Hamlin collapsed after a hit. Reports suggested he too had cardiac arrest. He survived due to immediate, on-field medical… See more